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In memory of our friend, Sheila McIlrath

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It is with great sadness that we share the passing of our friend, Sheila McIlrath.  Sheila was a student in the first permaculture class that I taught and was a wonderful fountain of information and wisdom as she had actually taken a PDC 20 years earlier.  At our free events, she would always make time to thank me and our volunteers for working to bring knowledge on sustainable agriculture and gardening to the greater community.  I will never forget her enthusiasm and kindness.  Below, I have asked her friend, Nancy Arntson, who knew her better to share a few words.  We miss you Sheila, happy gardening elsewhere, Lichen June
Sheila McIlrath,   January 26, 1943-  May 8, 2016
Sheila was was a hard working, focused person for social justice and food security.  Through her career with a masters in nutrition and her work with the local and state school lunch programs she built a broad foundation for these two focuses. Critical thinking about poverty and fairness were a part of the lens through which she viewed the world and our culture.   In her retirement years she learned of and supported efforts for stewarding the earth while striving for healthy, diverse food production.  Listening, educating and encouraging were always a part of a conversation with Sheila.  She was an anchor for many of our lives and will be forever missed.

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