NW Permaculture Institute

Earth Care, People Care, Future Care

Roseburg Free Film Event, Ingredients, August 19th @ 6:30pm

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As American food nears a state of crisis, INGREDIENTS explores a thriving local food movement where community, food-safety, and flavor are commonplace. Traveling across the United States, from the urban food deserts of Harlem to the abundant Willamette Valley, INGREDIENTS, is a journey that reveals the people who are bringing good food back to the table, and the myriad ways we all can eat better. It empowers and sparks the joy of discovery in creating a healthier, more sustainable model for living and eating well in a world in need of balance.  67 mins.

Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share: Free Film and Lecture Series
Held in Roseburg on most third Fridays of the month

@ First United Methodist Church, 1771 West Harvard, Roseburg, Oregon.
For more information call Diana Cason, 941-735-0452, or 541-459-3938


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