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Compost Classes in Salem and Oregon City this July…

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Compost Class
July 22nd, Noon – 2:30pm – Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem,
5090 Center Street NE, Salem, Oregon

July 31st, 6-8:30pm – St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 822 Washington St., Oregon City, Oregon

A well made compost is as good as gold when you want your garden to thrive with healthy plants and nutrient rich produce, but compost can easily go wrong with the wrong recipe or the wrong conditions. Permaculture educator, Lichen June, of the NW Permaculture Institute, teaches this fun and fact filled class. Learn about soil structure and function, how plants eat, pH effect on available nutrients, weeds as indicators and paramedics, compost recipe and care, and how to adjust that recipe when things go wrong or when you need to speed up the process.  Class fee $20, all handouts included.   Class info and registration, (503)449-8077, ljuneclasses(at)gmail.com



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