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What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is an ethical design science which:

– Observes and works with the functions and patterns in nature
– Provides an abundance of nutrient-dense food
– Builds energy efficient housing
– Saves time, energy, and money
– Increases the life in healthy soils
– Aids carbon sequestration
– Moderates flood and drought
– Secures the stability of ecosystems

Free Guided Internet Tour of Permaculture:
Concepts and Examples from Around the World

Permaculture encompasses a vast amount of information and practical skills, from new design practices to traditional knowledge, teaching us how to live sustainably in place.  So, it can be a bit daunting to decide where you should go to learn more. We recommend the following films and websites:

Rebecca’s Wild Farm: A Farm for the Future, a beautiful BBC documentary examining the challenges of modern farming and offering a peek at innovative solutions from permaculture farmers and forest gardeners with new direction and hope for the future of food. 48 mins.

The Agro Rebel: Permaculture in the Salzburg Alps. How can Sepp Holzer farm fish, livestock, vegetables, and herbs, a wide variety of fruits including lemons, all high in the alps? No weeding, no watering, no annual plowing. The Agro Rebel explores the unusual, sustainable, energy and time saving farming methods developed by Austrian farmer, Sepp Holzer. 44 mins.

Lessons of the Loess Plateau. Once known as, “the most degraded landscape on earth,” the transformation of the Loess Plateau into a fertile, thriving landscape is nothing short of jaw dropping. In 2005, the Chinese government, in cooperation with the World Bank, completed the world’s largest watershed restoration on the upper banks of the Yellow River using the design principals of permaculture. Woefully under-publicized, the $500 million enterprise transformed an area of 35,000 square kilometers on the Loess Plateau — roughly the area of Belgium — from dusty wasteland to a verdant agricultural center. 53 mins.

Permaculture Principles in Application – Geoff Lawton. A short 5 minute video that illustrates the potential of permaculture.  Geoff Lawton is one of the world’s leading permaculture teachers.  His website geofflawtononline.com, offers many excellent short videos touring permaculture gardens, farms and projects of all sorts. You must give your email to access the videos, but they seldom send out emails, only when new videos or class info is released.

For online permaculture news visit:  permaculturenews.org

Permaculture Magazines

UK:  Permaculture Magazine

US: Permaculture Design Magazine

AUS: Pip Magazine

Would you like to learn more and meet other local folks practicing permaculture? NW Permaculture Institute offers a monthly free film and lecture series, & low cost classes ($5 per hour). For more information and updates sign up for our mailing list, details on our “about” page.


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